Welcome to SGMC Cancer Centre, Being here makes you feel better alreadyAt SGMC, our vision is to offer the best private cancer care in West Africa. Our promise is that in everything we do, we will always strive to take away the burden of cancer.

Coming to Ghana for Medical Care

Nigerian patients who are seeking easy access to high quality medical care will find that coming to Ghana for treatment is a good choice. First, there are several ways to get to Ghana by road or air, and the transport network between the countries is well-established – and no visas are needed. Second, the healthcare ecosystem is high quality and reliable, as well as rapidly accessible. And third, a shared West African culture and community means that Nigerians can easily find restaurants that cater to their tastes and enjoy other aspects of social life in Ghana.

Choosing SGMC for Cancer Care

Easy access. At SGMC, we have a special team of case managers who work closely with our Nigerian patients to make sure that it is easy and affordable to come for cancer treatment. Instead of waiting and experiencing delays in Nigeria, we offer accessible treatment in Ghana with rapid turn-around times and full logistical support.

Constant support. Our premium care model means that each patient gets individual attention. We make your arrangements, we answer your questions, we guide you through each stage of treatment – giving you the best care.

Flexible options. We are flexible and can adapt treatment times for foreign patients who have work commitments, or who need to schedule their treatments around a travel schedule. We help set up transport and accommodation to take the stress from you.

Highly experienced staff. Our medical team includes two full-time Oncologists and a multi-disciplinary group of specialized professionals, including medical physicists, radiotherapists, oncology pharmacists and chemotherapy nurses.

Confidentiality. We protect each patient’s privacy and will take extra measures to ensure confidentiality. Patients with high net worth, political visibility or celebrity status have been trusting us for years to offer them the anonymity and privacy they desire around their cancer treatment processes.

Easy Travel Options

Quick flights. It takes around one hour by air to fly to Ghana from Lagos, and less than two hours from Abuja. There are a range of airlines covering these routes daily, including global carriers Ethiopian Airlines and Air Namibia. Regional airlines include Africa World Airlines, Arik Air and Air Peace. Plane tickets cost between US$150 to US$350.

Cheap road routes. It takes around seven to eight hours to drive by private vehicle to Ghana from Nigeria, while there are also many public transport options to come to Ghana by road (470km). There are comfortable regional bus-liners that have regular travel schedules, including Intercity STC Coaches and ABC Transport. This is the cheapest transport option, with bus tickets costing between US$35 to US$60.

Transport within Accra. SGMC supports patients by providing them with transport from the airports and bus stations to their points of accommodation. Our case management team has drivers who bring patients to the medical centre for treatment. Between treatments, patients can make use of public transport and Uber drivers to enjoy social activities in and around Accra.

Making Financial Arrangements

Paying for treatment. SGMC’s case management team will discuss and guide all patients and their sponsors around making financial arrangements to pay for treatment. The pricing per treatment is determined in every case using factors such as the type of cancer and stage of the disease, as well as the treatment options and drug costs. Learn more about the costs here.

Accessing banks. Nigerian banks currently operating in Ghana include Access Bank, Ecobank, Fidelity Bank, GT Bank, Zenith Bank and United Bank of Africa. These bank services are available at multiple locations across the city and can especially be found in shopping malls.

Convenient and Affordable Accommodation

Range of Options. Our case management team has set up a range of affordable accommodation options that patients can choose from, all conveniently located near our cancer center in East Legon Hills. Talk to us to help you find accommodation that is convenient and affordable for your treatment stay.

Pricing. Accommodation ranges in price from US$20 to US$80 per day for guest houses and hotels, and between US$500 to US$1700 per month for apartment suites.

Enjoying Nigerian Restaurants

Good cuisine. For our Nigerian patrons who are seeking a quality taste of home, Accra has several restaurants that are highly recommended for the traditional Nigerian dishes on their menu. These include the 805 Restaurant in the airport vicinity, and Buka Restaurant in Osu.

Easy Eateries. Closer to the SGMC Medical Centre, you will find smaller spots and chop bars that serve tasty Nigerian meals. In East Legon, Salma’s Eatery and Pub is recommended.

Raw Food. If you are a long-stay patient looking to prepare your own meals, our staff will direct you to local shops and supermarkets where you can buy raw foods such as ofada, elubo and gari, and other ingredients for Nigerian dishes.