We make it easier to find the cancer care you need. Cancer is a disease that you fight with your heart, your body and your spirit. We have made it our top goal to help take away the burden of cancer. With us at your side, you can focus on what matters, knowing you will have the support and help you need to go through treatment. We see treatment from an all-around approach. Each Ghanaian patient gets his or her own Case Manager, who will help the patient get fast access to cancer care, and will work step-by-step with each patient, as well as family and sponsors, during the whole treatment.

Public hospital or private cancer care? While the cost for cancer care at public facilities is often lower, it comes with higher volumes of patients. It can therefore take several weeks before treatment starts in a public hospital. Cancer patients wait in long queues outside crowded buildings with limited and outdated resources. This waiting can sometimes take valuable time that could have been used for treating cancer early, and saving lives.

Akwaaba. Being here will help you feel better already! Our promise is to help you feel better the moment when you step through our doors at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre. Here are the benefits of receiving your treatment in Ghana:

  • Personal relationships. Private cancer centres such as Sweden Ghana Medical Centre are able to work more closely with each cancer patient and affected families to give them information they need and the support that helps them have the best fighting chance for a successful outcome.
  • Better treatment resources. Private cancer centres like Sweden Ghana Medical Centre have more resources available. With less bureaucracy and government constraints, we can ensure continued innovation and investment in the field of oncology and cancer care. That way, our patients benefit more.
  • Network of specialists. In addition, we use our extensive network of highly skilled professionals, and our direct relationships with specialists across Ghana to coordinate all treatment needs—taking this burden from patients and their families. You can count on us to get you fast access to specialists as part of your treatment care.