Cancer affects everyone in Africa in some way. If you are visiting our website, then cancer has already reached into your life, or it has touched someone you know: a parent, a sibling, a close relation or a friend. The shock of hearing the word “cancer” in a medical diagnosis immediately has you worried about the outcome for your health, and even for your life. You will have so many questions: Will it be cured? Can it be treated? How will it affect me?

Treating patients since 2011. Our European-style oncology centre at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has been treating cancer patients since 2011 in compliance with international treatment protocols and clinical standards. Today our private cancer centre offers all patients exceptional standards of treatment in consistently well-maintained modern clinical facilities.

Types of cancers we treat. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre specializes in treating solid malignant tumors, and offer treatment for tumours such as breast, cervical, prostate, head and neck tumours, gastrointestinal tumors, central nervous system tumours and sarcomas to mention a few – either alone, or in combination with chemotherapy. Currently we do not fully treat hematological tumours unless radiotherapy input is required.

Can we help you? If you have been diagnosed with a non-hematological cancer, or if you have detected a growth or tumour that may be cancer, we encourage you to contact Sweden Ghana Medical Centre to find out if our cancer treatment services can help you. We have a very easy, friendly environment to help you get registered as a patient – whether you are coming from a foreign country as a medical tourist seeking treatment, or whether you live in Ghana and you want the best cancer care you can get. Our medical team includes two full-time Oncologists and a multi-disciplinary group of specialized professionals, including medical physicists, radiotherapists, oncology pharmacists and chemotherapy nurses.

Need information? To find out if we can help you with your cancer treatment, contact us to learn more from a Case Manager who will answer all your questions.