Charter of Patient Rights. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre requires all its employees to work in accordance with Government health codes and regulations, as well as relevant guidelines of professional licensing bodies for clinical and administrative staff. We strive to meet a high standard of trust with every patient relationship. For this reason, we adhere to the following Charter of Patient Rights, which says that every patient at our Centre can be assured of:

  • Receiving care that is respectful – being treated with courtesy, kindness and honesty by all SGMC staff
  • Being involved in decisions about your treatment and care, or having a patient sponsor who can help you make decisions
  • Knowing the names and jobs of SGMC staff who treat and take care of you
  • Being informed about care outcomes, treatment and services you need now or in future
  • Receiving clear, timely information about our charges, modes of payment and anticipated expenditure for treatment
  • Being able to make a complaint and receive a response
  • Having the right to consent or decline to participate in any proposed research, or to withdraw from research at any stage
  • Privacy during registration, consultation, examination and treatment at our centre
  • Confidentiality around your information, medical care and treatment processes
  • Personal safety and reasonable security of property within the confines of the treatment centre
  • Non-disclosure of your personal information unless it is with your written consent, or required by law

Helping us give patients the best care

Patient Responsibilities. The way that we can make sure you get the best standard of care is when we can count on you as the patient to do your part. Here is the list of responsibilities you need to understand when you become a patient at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre.

To achieve the best treatment outcomes, each patient must commit to:

  • Give your clinical team and care providers as much information as you can about your present health, past illnesses, any allergies and any other relevant details
  • Keep any appointments that you make, or notify the Centre and your treatment team as early as possible if you are unable to do so.
  • Follow the prescribed and agreed treatment plan, and conscientiously comply with the instructions given
  • Show consideration for the rights of other patients and care providers, by following our Centre’s rules concerning patient conduct
  • Act ethically – do not ask our administration team or care providers to provide incorrect information, receipts or certificates

Be mindful – do not waste medical resources unnecessarily