Cancer Screening

The best way to beat cancer is to make sure you detect your cancer early and get treatment options as soon as possible. Cancer screening tests can find disease in people who have no signs of sickness. Each type of cancer has its own screening tests, and every year scientists develop new ways to test for cancer. It is important to get screened for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers because screening tests can find these cancers early, when they are most easily treated. In fact, cervical and colorectal screenings can find growths which can be removed before they ever become cancer. At Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, we offer screening services so that people can determine their risk for getting cancer. Find out more here.

My Life Check

At Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, we know that one of the best ways to fight one of life’s biggest disease challenges – CANCER – is through regular monitoring, proper screening and early diagnosis. With each passing year, the health challenges you could face start to increase. Lifestyle choices, genetics, work stresses and the general environment all bring risk factors that could affect your health as you grow older. That is why our cancer centre offers a special screening program called My Life Check, designed specifically for executives and people older than 40 to get more information about their health risks, especially for cancer. Our expert staff will take you through a personalized screening process and give you an accdurate picture of your current health status, together with an assessment of your lifestyle trends and your risk for getting cancer in the future.