Reputation for being best in the region. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has earned its reputation as the best private cancer care centre in West Africa for cancer patients who need to receive reliable and high quality treatment in their fight to beat their disease. We are rated the best because patients can get into their treatment programs without extended waiting for consultations, diagnoses, test results or radiotherapy machines to be available. Patients can also depend on our expert team’s ongoing support, and rest assured that everyone at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is fully committed to helping take away the burden that cancer brings.

Meeting needs of foreign patients. Unlike other diseases that have short medical interventions, cancer requires a highly personalized treatment plan which can often extend over several weeks or months. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre understands that each patient has unique circumstances, especially when patients need to travel to Ghana to receive treatment because they do not have modern, reliable cancer centres in their home countries. We welcome foreign patients, and have cancer treatment packages that include arrangements for foreign financial transactions, as well as accommodation and transport during treatment. We also have French-speaking case management coordinators for our foreign patients coming from Francophone countries.

Supporting medical specialists across West Africa. Medical specialists across West Africa choose Sweden Ghana Medical Centre as the preferred treatment centre for their cancer patients because we have European standards of medical treatment and cancer care, with highly skilled staff in consistently well-maintained modern clinical facilities. Referral doctors are regarded as integral to our treatment activities – we are in constant communication about patients. We have strong relationships with doctors and clinics in neighbouring countries for patient referrals and post-treatment care across West Africa.

Foreign patients, local Akwaaba welcome! Our promise is to help you feel better already when you step through our doors at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre. Here are the benefits of receiving your treatment in Ghana:

  • Accessibility. Our location near to the Kotoka International Airport in Accra allows simplified medical tourism logistics for neighbouring countries. Foreign and referral patients benefit from convenient affordable flights, and no visas are needed for ECOWAS patients.
  • Flexibility. We are flexible with treatment schedules for foreign patients to meet referring doctors’ needs. We also adapt treatment times for foreign patients who have work commitments, or who need to schedule their treatments around a travel schedule.
  • Technical Uptime. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre can assure patients that our radiotherapy machines are always in good working order. We have continuous maintenance and on-site engineering to avoid equipment breakdown. We have three readily available chemotherapy suites with fully-functional infusion pumps and support equipment for monitoring patient vitals.
  • 24/7 Support. Our Case Management support officers will help you with everything from finding foreign banks, getting to know Accra and even locating restaurants that serve your favorite West African dishes. We can even help foreign patients meet special needs such as 24hr nursing care.