Promoting research and advancing training. The purpose behind Sweden Ghana Medical Centre’s Research, Education and Training Unit is to encourage more medical research and specialized training in Africa, and to create an environment for individuals from different areas to collaborate around cancer research in particular. Our goal is to serve as a resource base for oncology research and training that directly improves patient outcomes as well as informs regional and global health practices and policies.

Committed to research agenda. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is focused on driving innovation in cancer treatment by supporting research into new and effective treatment modalities. We seek to create a collegial environment that brings oncology practitioners and the medical community together to engage in collaborated research and data integration and analysis. Our research agenda includes:

  • Collaboration symposium. We host an annual medical symposium with globally renowned speakers and educators, which is CPD credited.
  • Cancer registries. We gather data and manage a hospital-based cancer registry
  • Research participation. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is committed to promoting individual and collaborative academic research initiatives, and actively seeks to take part in clinical trials and grant studies.

Creating training opportunities to support cancer care. In support of the International Atomic Energy Agency and World Health Organization’s target of reducing premature cancer-related mortalities, Sweden Ghana Medical Centre seeks to train professionals for the support of cancer management in the West African sub-region.

Explore ways to get involved in our training experiences. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre’s training programs include clinical internships; on-the-job experiential training; and opportunities to do national service and attachments. We also welcome volunteers from around the world who are involved in cancer treatment or research, who would like practical work experience in a private African cancer care centre.

Contact us for more information. To find out how you can be a part of our research and training activities, please send email to