We are here to help you fight against cancer, and to find your best treatment options. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre is proud to be the leading cancer centre in West Africa for radiotherapy treatment. Our cancer treatment plans and modern radiotherapy techniques give all our patients their best chance to fight cancer, to survive cancer and to improve their quality of life.

Our multi-disciplinary team combines skills and expertise to deliver the best patient outcomes. Every patient case is assigned its own world-class treatment team that includes an oncologist, medical physicist, dosimetrist, radiotherapist, oncology pharmacist, specialized nurses and a nutritionist – all coordinated by a case manager who supports the patient’s needs.

Everyone at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre knows and understands what cancer is. From our security to housekeeping and administration team, all the way to our nurses, radiotherapists and medical physicists – each employee has a personal commitment to aid in whatever way we can to help take away the burden that cancer treatment brings. Our collective team mission is to give you the best cancer care experience you will have in West Africa.

We do not define our patients by illness alone: we see their courage and bravery. We realize that dealing with cancer is a challenge for the patient and the people who support them. That is why we place a priority on one-on-one relationships: we treat your disease, but we stand alongside you in the fight against cancer. Being strong is the only approach we take at Sweden Ghana Medical Centre, because in the fight against cancer, we will not give up. With the right approach, your cancer can be treated, managed and even cured.