At SGMC, our vision is to offer the best private cancer care in West Africa. Our promise is that in everything we do, we will always strive to take away the burden of cancer.

Our mission is to be a role model across Africa for oncology care. SGMC’s medical team is known for its excellent standards and the high quality of services and personal care we provide. We regularly welcome fellow clinicians and interns from around the world who come to our centre in Accra to have deeper insight into private cancer care in Africa. We are pacesetters in our field, with skilled employees who are motivated to deliver the best cancer treatment outcomes for all our patients.

We value patient privacy and comfort. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre uses a compartmented hospital information system and digital patient record management. Our commitment is to ensure that patients can receive their treatments in discretion, knowing their medical records are confidential. Our treatment schedules are also flexible for patients who need to manage time away from work or home.

We are known for our compassionate care. Our high-care connection with each patient starts from the very first interaction, and extends beyond our facilities and across Ghana’s borders. We have built strong partnerships and logistical support over a wide regional medical network. These relationships let us give our patients the best all-inclusive cancer care experience within West Africa.

We contribute to global oncology research and education. As regional leaders in oncology, we are constantly working to contribute to cancer research and education. We have a hospital-based cancer registry and support population-based cancer registry activities across West Africa. Our expert staff also do presentations in various international forums, and have published in several medical journals.  Ultimately, we are creating best practices that will help transform private oncology treatment in West Africa.