Oncology Consultations

Our cancer centre is open five days a week and we always have an Oncologist on duty. From the moment you contact us – by phone, by email, or by walking in – you will have a case manager assigned to work personally with you. Your first visit to Sweden Ghana Medical Centre will include a complete medical assessment and a personal consultation with our on-site Oncologist. Our case managers will help you with consultation and treatment arrangements – answering questions, providing practical solutions and being supportive throughout your treatment process.

GP Consultations

Not everyone who visits our centre has cancer. Sweden Ghana Medical Centre also offers an outpatient service for people needing to see a general practitioner (GP) to help them with their everyday health needs too. All patients can access our diagnostic imaging services on an outpatient basis, or as a referral from other health facilities.


Nutrition therapy is an important part of cancer care. Eating habits that are good for cancer patients can be very different from regular healthy eating guidelines. Cancer patients and their families need advice about what foods they should be eating, and what to avoid eating during treatment. Sweden Ghana Medical Center has an on-site nutritionist to help cancer patients develop an eating plan that helps them get the nutrients they need to keep up their body weight and strength, keep body tissue healthy, and fight infection. Each patient receives a counselling session with our Nutritionist who will make dietary recommendations. We also offer specialized nutrition plans for certain cancer treatments.