As the best private cancer care in West Africa, Sweden Ghana medical Centre offers Western and European standard state-of-the-art facilities which helps us provide the best cancer care to our patients.

Radiotherapy facilities

Our radiotherapy machine in our facilities is the Linear Accelerator (Linac) Elekta Synergy Platform 80 Leaf Multi-Leaf Collimator (MLC). The Linac allows for Image Guided Radiotherapy, that is imaging of soft tissue at the same time of treatment to allow efficient verification of tumour and critical structure position for safe dose placement. The accuracy and reliability of this equipment allows us to give personalized patient care throughout the entire radiotherapy treatment process.


Our Elekta Flexitron Cobalt 60 with the comprehensive Oncentra Brachy treatment planning software allows easy mapping of patient anatomy through contouring in arbitrary planes for an optimized treatment delivery process. This innovation in Brachytherapy treatment is an advanced oncology treatment which ensures high radiation is targeted to tumour sites while limiting radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.


Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has eight Codan Argus volumetric infusion pumps. Codan Argus pumps have a good reputation in specialist applications such as oncology. They are suitable for administering large volumes of medication in all sorts of therapeutic fields, and we use them for chemotherapy infusion. The pumps have many configurable options that have enabled them to be tailored perfectly to our field of chemotherapy.

Computerized tomography (CT) Scan

The Somatom Emotion 16-slice in our facilities is famous for its high performance and versatility, useful both for imaging and treatment dose planning. It provides more detailed images with the clarity and sharpness required for accurate diagnoses. It also possesses a dedicated spiral image reconstruction algorithm which allows the CT scanner to automatically select the necessary pitch value to achieve the coverage and scan time defined by the user, while keeping selected slice thickness and image quality. With this award winning technology, we ensure you experience outstanding efficiency and high quality clinical outcomes.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Sweden Ghana Medical Centre possesses a Siemens Magnetom C! 0.35Tesla for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The Magnetom C! is built with a compact C-shaped magnet which provides exceptional patient comfort during imaging. Its multiple coils can be used for extended field of view and to help facilitate image composition while avoiding patient repositioning. Magnetom C! is optimized at every step of the imaging process for a comprehensive workflow thus, providing our patients with comfortable examinations.

Power supply and back up at our facilities

To ensure we give our patients uninterrupted care, Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has invested in on site power generator sets which are regularly serviced to provide backup power in the cases of power outages. In addition, we are involved in a project with Jinko Solar (China) and GIZ (Germany) to install 200+ solar panels which is expected to increase power reliability.