Do microwave ovens cause cancer?

No. Microwave ovens Do Not cause cancer. There is no established research that proves a link between the use of microwave ovens and development of cancer.

How do microwaves work? Electromagnetic energy, which is similar to radio waves, from microwaves heat up the water molecules from food. The bouncing around of these heated water molecules result in warming of our food. Since microwaving does not cause changes in food that aren’t introduced by other methods of cooking, it doesn’t make food any likelier to cause cancer than other forms of cooking like boiling, frying, etc.  Here are two points to note:

  • Food heated or cooked in the microwave does not become radioactive and so will not cause damages to your DNA leading to cancer.
  • The microwave oven and its walls are not radioactive once the oven is switched off.

The following precautions can be taken into account when using a microwave:

  1. follow the manufacturer’s instructions on safe use of microwave, for instance ensuring that the door is well shut.
  2. Use only containers that are labelled microwave-safe. Do not use plastic wraps or take-out containers as they may melt and leak into food.
  3. For even cooking, stir food periodically at optimum temperature and times
  4. Lift or Leave the lid of food slightly ajar while microwaving.

To summarize, the idea that microwaves cause cancer is a myth. While it is important to exercise caution in their use, microwave ovens are safe for cooking and heating up our foods.

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