Are you interested in a career in the field of oncology? Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has a bold vision: we are pacesetters in the field on oncology, and our skilled employees are motivated to deliver the best patient outcomes for our clients. We want to contribute to cancer treatment and research as we strive to give our patients the most effective therapies. Ultimately, we want to build a healthy company with a business model that works in Africa, and with best practices that help us grow our prominent role in private oncology treatment in West Africa.

Would you like to spend time at our cancer centre to enhance your own career? Sweden Ghana Medical Centre has an active education and training programme that welcomes medical professionals and healthcare students who are interested in learning more about private oncology care. We regularly accept requests for observerships, internships and research collaboration.

Contact us for more information. If you are interested in working with us, please send your curriculum vitae to

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No vacancies at present.